Inconsistent & unreliable

June 28th, 2015
Now common again? - Haddock

Now common again? – Haddock

After believing that the fishing had eventually improved after a poor start to the season, it has been quite frustrating to find some days where there appears to be no fish in the ocean.

Weather has now more or less settled into what is expected in summer.  Water temperature now up to season average of 13 degrees centigrade.

Mackeral – Infuriatingly patchy – some days a short stop at the start of the day produces lots of big Mackeral – another day and spend up to 2 hours to get barely enough to get through the rest of the day – skipper having to cut up the bait to ensure none is wasted.

Tope – at least one good news story with lots of Tope

Tory – one day loads of Pollack off the reefs and the next struggling to get a handful.  Sand at Tory distinctly poor with practically no Turbot, absolutely no Brill, no Rays and Dabs poor.

Limeburner – Trevor had a few days on the Limeburner with very few fish – Rosguill did one day and had great fishing & optimistically more Haddock than has been there for at least 10 years.

Porbeagle – lost at least 3 Porgies while fishing for Tope one day.

Mulroy Bay – Had great fishing there on 2 days – other days almost a washout.

Wrecks – have not fished yet due to the huge numbers of Coalfish everywhere.

Conger – Mediocre, but at least a few available.

Diving for a while now, so probably no fishing news until August.





Quite rare Rock Cook

Quite rare Rock Cook

Close up of this mini-Wrasse species, the Rock Cook

Close up of this mini-Wrasse species, the Rock Cook

Tope 2 Tope Turbot Wrasse